The project ”A Cirkusz” was done between 2007 and 2011.

I did a lot of traveling in Sweden and my intention was always to spend as much time as possible with the circus and to get to know the people I photographed. When possible I lived in a circus wagon and was part of the traveling communities.

In late 2007 i happened to walk by a circus that had set up tent in the suburbs of Stockholm. I started talking to a Hungarian man and he invited me in backstage to take some photographs of the circus. I went to revisit the circus as often as i could, I followed them across Sweden and I rented a bunk bed and stayed and lived with the circus. I kept photographing all the time but it was never intended to become anything special, at that time I hade no particular plans for this project, I just loved the freedom and the circus community.

During the years that followed I kept photographing all the traveling circus groups in Sweden. At that time the groups were Cirkus Wictoria, Cirkus Olympia, Cirkus Madigan, Cirkus Brazil Jack and Cirkus Maximum. In 2012 the photo book ”A Cirkusz” was published.

Cirkus Olympia

``...I love waking up in the morning, looking out the window and discover a whole new view every day.`` - Natascha Jarz (32)